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Only Love is Real - Alicante, Spain - October, 2018

*Continuing Option: Sacred Sexuality
October 13-17, 2018

Perhaps the single most famous statement Jeshua ever made AND the one most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused!

What if...
The Reality of Love is:

  • A verb
  • A noun
  • A process
  • A beginning
  • An ending
  • Eternity and Time
  • A silence and….YOU?

Join me and Friends of the Heart as -via the astounding teachings and practices of the PathWay - we truly waken profoundly beyond the 'comical argument against God' resounding in the hidden places within us far too long!


Aloha everyone!

YAY! For those of you who attended our UK Festivals in the past and experienced the miracles, insights, learnings, and good ol’ loving fun, we are happy to announce this Gathering slated for November, 2018!



Choosing Peace

In A Course In Miracles, Jeshua gives us a simple, but profound and far-reaching insight into Truth:

I can choose peace instead of this.

In this blog Jayem shares some insights into this profound truth.

Kick back, relax and enjoy!