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The Preciousness of 'Things'

A Way of Mastery Gathering with Jayem

September 27th – October 1, 2017

Eden Manor, Wakefield, Rhode Island

Did you know? Eden Manor is closing its doors this Fall! This will be our last gathering, where so much love, so many miracles, and so much heart opening has occurred over the years!!

Hence, the theme of our time together.

Endings are difficult for us all, precisely because of the tendency of ego to recoil against what they can elicit as thought, and feeling. Yet these have their roots at much deeper levels of our being: in the 'fabric' of our 'fall' into Separation itself.

One of the most important (and challenging) teachings and practices Jeshua ever gave me was this, and boy, does it sound simple!

'Learn to put as much care into the endings
as you place into beginnings... [for]
there is truly only eternal birthing; death itself is unreal.'

  • ALL human beings tend to be very unconscious around both beginnings and endings, often pushed and pulled by hidden motivations, hopes, and fears.

What, truly, IS our relationship to the very energies inherent in endings, and in 'new beginnings'?

  • What, truly, 'traps' us in the past, and negates TRULY 'new' beginnings? Can we deepen our awareness - thus healing our relationships - with these two key and very mysterious 'things'?
  • What is KEY to real completions AND opening the womb of our being to welcome the mystery of new 'birthings'?

Along with LovesBreath, the curiosity of radical inquiry, and the joy of Aramaic chanting and dance, we will gather as Friends of the Heart to explore the Preciousness of 'Things', restoring our recognition that 'nothing arises by accident', and ALL contexts but serve both our healing AND our 'ceaseless birthing' into more of the awareness of GOD.

And, we come together to celebrate the wondrous context Eden Manor has been for so many!!!

Please join me as we truly 'love one another', as we embrace the reality of our 'final gathering at Eden' AS a wondrous opportunity to grow into Loves Presence.

Bring your 'hugging arms', your 'little willingness', and your gratitude as we dive deep into The Preciousness of 'Things'.

To deepen our journey together, ALL meals will be offered and held at Eden Manor (Bernadette's delicious food, yay!)


Eden Manor
154 Post Road
Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 792 -8234


$795 USD - Residential, with twin share lodging (twin share), all meals and tuition at Eden Manor
$675 USD - Early Bird price (residential) for all who pay in full by September 10th

$550 USD - Non-residential, with meals and tuition
$450 USD - Early Bird price (non-residential) for all who pay in full by September 10th
Please note: if you are non-residential and don't feel you will require ALL meals, please discuss a price reduction directly with Bernadette.