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Aloha everyone!

YAY! For those of you who attended our UK Festivals in the past and experienced the miracles, insights, learnings, and good ol’ loving fun, we are happy to announce this Gathering slated for November, 2018!

Take a moment to peruse the information, and then tune into your heart’s desire! Every gathering provides us the opportunity to ‘amp up’ the healing presence of Love, to surrender the very roots of our illusions normally unseen but operating all the time; in short, to deepen into God Consciousness.

The past is, indeed, past away, in Time. But only when we come to see the very roots of illusions from which it arose in the first place, are we truly liberated from it, free to receive far more of all that God would give us: all of Himself! And all of heaven celebrates in dance with us when the Miracle occurs!

Jeshua has asked to speak with ‘those who shall gather here’. It’s rare that He does his through me formally and, no, I haven’t a clue what He is up to!!

We look forward to joining with you in November!

Streams of Joy!


Full details and registrations at »