Israel, April 27th – May 8th 2019

Aloha everyone!

I confess I have been ‘inward and absent’ for some time, but so much has been occurring within as the next stages of the PathWay become ready to flower.

And I am very, very excited to announce that we are called to return to blessed Israel!

The essential theme (really, the vortex in which we will be gathering) is:

Light is the Power of Love

(and Love is the purpose of its Power)

I began some time ago to once again begin to feel the presence of Elijah coming with Jeshua and others, but on the periphery of awareness. Elijah was a key teacher for both Jeshua and Mary Magdalene –first in a prior incarnation of preparation together – and then from the ‘other side’ as they each incarnated into their ‘famous’ lifetime in service of the Lineage Plan for Atonement of Humanity.

Our wondrous tour guide there, Nedal, wrote that he ‘just felt’ to include a spot associated with Elijah and when I read that the confirmation we are to go fully landed!  Beyond this, at least right now, I can say no more. But, if you have journeyed with us before, the vortex arising from the purpose of these trips always brings extraordinary transformation, not to mention the shattering open of the heart in play, laughter, love, sacred intimacy, and the exquisite weavings of holy perfection that truly are a quantum leap of awakening for all!

We will be limiting this trip to no more than 48 (one bus) and while these pilgrimages always fill quickly, my sense is that many are already feeling called to come already! So, do take time to rest in Heart, attune, and ask within. At least make sure to get on our ‘interested’ list, or take the leap and register now!

Since completing a very needed inward time of Work within, and deep rest on Maui, it feels I’ve been shot out of a cannon, and much is unfolding, from invitations to Columbia, Japan, Poland, and more, along with a new publisher bringing all the Teachings out and truly devoted to taking them to the world, and so much more!

I can already feel the alchemy of our time in the Holy Land beginning: something is brewing!

I look forward to joining and activating with you the greatest depths of Light and Love; we will begin to ‘join’ well in advance via webcast and facebook as we weave the sacred temple of our pilgrimage in the depth of our willingness to bring heaven to earth!

Many, many blessings to you; I look forward to sharing more with you of all that is occurring now in the near future as we get websites, et. al. set to rock and roll.

And I look forward to joining with you in our blessed Israel next spring!


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